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Ace Karting Gets A New Look!

Welcome to the new Ace Karting Plus website, take a look around.

This blog may be a little on the late side for those of you who have visited us recently but those who haven’t let me fill you in on recent additions and changes.

Okay, so the business changed ownership late June to the current Petrol head owner. And like most petrol heads we are possibly all a little bit childlike, agreed?

So where to start, I know lets paint the track blue and get rid of the tired concrete look. Whilst we’re at it, lets through a little bit of Black paint on anything that’s left. Done, Lovely.

Ahh, but now its a little on the ‘DARK SIDE’.

For any old school Mario fans you may remember the Rainbow Road circuit? Well we couldn’t quite get the Michael Jackson-esq led floor but we sure as hell can get any color Chevron going  without much issue.

Add a few “LAZERS” UV cannons and away we go, its like a roller disco at 50MPH.

One more issue… Its just not Crazy enough, so lets hang 6 go karts off the roof paint them the most ludicrous UV paint shades ever and see what happens.

So that’s the track additions…

More news coming soon.

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